Minggu, 10 April 2016

Anyone knows what kind of crab is this?

In my trip to Bangka, my friend happened to bring me to this beach they call Pasir Padi. Well the name is in Bahasa means the rice sands as it was felt like stepping on a spread of rice. Once I arrived I was a bit confused why the sands were like not ordinary sands. They were sands, but they seemed to be pressed and formed into tiny beads of rice and they were spread all along the beach.

I was curious. What kind of natural phenomena has made this. Then I noticed there were also tiny holes. I guessed there was something living in it, so I focussed my eyes and there, these crabs were the inhabitants. You can see the video that they were actually the culprit of these rice-bead sands. They were spread all along the beach, and diligently made this tiny sand balls and left it like that.

Unfortunately my time and gear were not sufficient to kow why they were doing this. Probably for food. What comes in my mind is, Pasir Padi may not the only beach with sands like this. Or these crabs only lives here? Well, to know that, I need to do more travelling then. ;)

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